Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate church planting movements by training indigenous leaders in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit; to proclaim a Gospel of grace demonstrated by healings, deliverances, and miracles. Our primary focus is India, but we also partner with other organizations and church leaders in various strategic nations.

Along with advancing the Gospel, we extend the love of Christ to the poor. One area of focus is helping young Indian widows & girls by providing education, skills training, and small business start-ups.


The Need

One-third of the world has not heard of Jesus. The majority of Christian workers do not go to the most unreached areas of the world. India has the largest number of unreached people groups (people distinct by language and culture) who have no Gospel witness. India also has the largest populated people groups, making it the most needed and strategic nation on the planet.

 Our Efforts

Holy Spirit Empowerment

Everywhere we go, we empower leaders and believers by baptizing them in the Holy Spirit, demonstrating and activating the gifts of the Spirit, and producing an encounter that initiates revival fire! We are convinced every believer is a vessel of God's presence and power and is commissioned to further His kingdom.


Casting Out Devils

Demons are real and the origin of many diseases, addictions, and torments. In proclaiming the Gospel, we demonstrate the superiority of Jesus' power over all other spirits and gods. We drive out demons to bring freedom to the oppressed, reveal God's goodness, and extend heaven's domain.


Proclaiming the Gospel

We preach the Gospel to the lost, the sick, and the demonized, emphasizing the grace of God and His miraculous power, witnessing many signs and wonders. These signs confirm and authenticate the Gospel message and the reality of Jesus Christ. We then intentionally plant churches that plant other churches.


Healing the Sick

Besides eternal salvation, health is the greatest blessing we can enjoy. Jesus healed everyone everywhere He went. Healing is a manifestation of God's goodness and love, revealing the reality of the resurrected Jesus Christ and authenticating the Gospel message. Healing the sick is an integral part of our ministry, to both the lost and the saved.

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Training Materials & Books

We publish and print materials in various languages to equip and empower the locals to obey God, extend the Gospel, and represent the love of Christ.